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The HaloCAREbure Method

The HaloCAREbure Method is a structured work plan that was developed specifically for the detection of gas leaks and the recovery of refrigerants as well as the oils found in the compressors. Beginning with a summary of the systems that contain halocarbons, annual inspections are carried out, as is required by the Canadian laws concerning halocarbons. A coding-and-repair tag system will be placed at the locations where gas leaks are detected. The HaloCAREbure Method can be easily implemented in all countries.

Refrigerant Gas Recovery

Refrigerant Gas Recovery

Our refrigerant gas recovery service, which is part of our method, is in place to ensure that no gas is released during the different jobs on the worksites.

Gas Leak Detection

Refrigerants Gas Leak Detection

This method applies only to the detection of leaks and the recovery of refrigerants. The contractor responsible for the building carries out all repairs to the leaks found on the systems.

Residue Depot (HaloDepot)

Residue Depot

The residue depot is a location where citizens and contractors can leave their old equipment that still have halocarbon gases within, as well as used refrigeration oils.