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Detecting Refrigeration Gas Leaks in Supermarkets

More and more, food industry merchants are hearing about our company.

The new leak detection practices that we us and our methodology has allowed Génération HaloCAREbure to stand apart from all other refrigeration companies.

Current statistics pertaining to refrigerant loss, which is contained in the whole of a refrigeration system, are 25 % to 30 % annually. To understand more clearly: 3000 lb of refrigerant gas in a system equals a 700 lb to 900 lb loss that when translated into dollars is a near $12,000.00 per year. The loss of gas (an environmental hazard) and the loss of money is substantial.

We hope that these numbers will sensitize merchants and the public alike because it is unacceptable to allow these amounts of refrigerant gas to escape into the air.

Our statistics after detection

One of our examples of a complete detection that was carried out is beginning to show its results. This particular system was losing between 30 % and 40 % of refrigerant gas annually. After 20 months of running the system after our detection was completed, our client was able to confirm that only 150 lb of gas had been added and only due to a mechanical problem.

We are now able to confirm that the refrigerant loss in this particular supermarket decreased significantly.

At Génération HaloCAREbure, we believe that the HaloCAREbure Method can easily reduce your refrigerant gas loss once your system undergoes one of our preventative detection plans and only for a fraction of price that would be spent annually for replenishing.