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Detecting Halocarbon Gas Leaks

In the last few years, the air conditioning industry has seen the R-22 refrigerant steadily increase in price. Because of this drastic change, it is time to act by having your refrigerant systems, which are located in your office buildings or supermarkets, detected for leaks. In doing so, you will see substantial savings while heeding the environmental laws that exist in Canada and worldwide.

Detecting leaks on refrigeration and air conditioning systems is required as one of the most important tasks of a refrigeration technician; however, the job is oftentimes postponed due to time delays or a lack of interest. Unfortunately, the end result is that refrigerant gas is added, over and over again—a hazard to the earth's air quality and your bank account.

Specialists in detecting leaks in refrigerant systems

We believe that the time has come to have leaks in refrigerant systems detected by a dedicated group that makes it its business to prevent needless damage to the environment and your pocketbook.

At Génération HaloCAREbure, our method is proven to be effective and we are committed to finding new solutions to increase our capacity to eliminate these leaks thus contributing, in a real way, to global warming prevention and helping you protect your financial interests.