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Who Are We?

Génération HaloCAREbure is the first known company, worldwide, that specialises in the detection of leaks and the recovery of refrigerants that are present within air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

When making it a point to heed the laws concerning halocarbons, we are aware of the complexity of the regulations. Each situation requires different steps to be followed, and all action taken requires a particular attention to detail.

In addition, work needs to be done in creating awareness for technicians and company managers because the recovery of refrigerants is still being forgotten when calculating and bidding for a job. We are being confronted with global warming; a situation that is very quickly becoming overwhelming; therefore, all necessary measures to control the problem must be put into action and immediately. This is why the HaloCAREbure Method should be adopted by the industry.

Our Mission

Génération HaloCAREbure is dedicated to reducing, in an efficient and responsible manner, the emission of greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming.

Global Warming

Our Vision

Using its innovative approach, Génération HaloCAREbure is determined to play an important role in the international forum by ensuring the reduction of toxic gases. Génération HaloCAREbure wants to become a leader when it comes to protecting the air for the global population.