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Demolition liquid refrigerants | Halocarbon Regulations

Halocarbon Regulations

In terms of being conscientious, conformity to local, provincial, and federal laws is important for most demolition companies and proprietors.

It is equally important to be in conformance with the laws concerning halocarbons as laid out by Environment Canada, which refer to the proper elimination of liquid refrigerants found within systems before demolition work can begin. At Génération HaloCAREbure, we specialise in doing just that.

Items that are commonly forgotten before a demolition are: refrigerators, chillers and air conditioning systems, water fountains, and dehumidifiers—all of which contain liquid refrigerants that are dangerous to the environment.

Our technicians are equipped to save you time and money. We understand the need to get the job done quickly and we can deliver due to our top of the line equipment. Our recovering equipment is designed and manufactured to be efficient and fast.

We will meet your deadlines!

Tag system | Refrigerant gases

Efficient tag system

In addition, we use a very effective tag system. With these tags you are then able to easily see the systems that have been rendered clear of their refrigerant gases making them inoffensive to the environment.

Ensuring compliance with regulations

We at Génération HaloCAREbure want to go the extra mile to ensure that the Canadian and provincial laws are respected. Our personnel are thoroughly trained to ensure that wherever we are found working, quality of work is also found.

During an intervention on a worksite, all documentation related to the work being carried out will be given to you stating the systems that have been cleared of halocarbons. You will be able to show, with this documentation, that you too are in conformance with all the pertinent laws, both federal and provincial.

Your project is important to us. Whether a large undertaking or a small office building, we can assure you indisputable proficiency by our work and our technicians.