Génération HaloCAREbure

Génération HaloCAREbure is a green and unique company that works to prevent global warming due to the release of halocarbon gases. We specialise in detecting gas leaks, managing halocarbons, and in recovering refrigeration gases and compressor oils.

Global Warming Prevention

The Effect on the Environment

The releasing of halocarbons is responsible for global warming and this serious action has accelerated in the last 20 years.

Refrigerant Gas Recovery

Refrigerant Gas Recovery

We recover refrigerant gases from all types of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment at their end of life. We recover the halocarbons directly on construction sites throughout Quebec. We can recover the gas from up to 500 feet of our units without removing the units from our trucks. Imagine the speed with which we are able to carry out our interventions!

Gas Leak Detection

Refrigerants Gas Leak Detection

The HaloCAREbure Method sees to it that gas leaks are repaired systematically and methodically. We tag the leaks that are found (HaloTag). The HaloListing form is then filled to identify the nature and the location of the leak that has been detected. The owner then gives his contractor or person responsible for the maintenance of the system, our detection report, thus helping the contractor carry out the repairs needed.

Residue Depot (HaloDepot)

Residue Depot

We treat, at our halocarbon center, all end-of-life systems that you bring to us. You can also bring all your used refrigeration oils to be safely treated for only a small charge.

Génération HaloCAREbure will also be offering complete filtering of your refrigerants recovered with ARI-700-1999 standards assured. Resale will be possible with complete peace of mind.